Carmen Amoros represented the New York Podcasting Cafe / NYPCRadio at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade this year.  On board the float was the head of the Jessie Storey SOS Foundation Float was Singer Jessie Storey herself.  Enjoy the photos of the Parade!
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​Singing Sensation Jessie Storey spearheaded the float presentation at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade.  Jessie Storey along with Carmen Amoros sang on the float.  Visit Jessie's website at:


If you are interested in advertising your business on our float ifor the parade in 2017 contact Jessie Storey at her Website or Carmen Amoros here in the "ContactUs" page.  With 50 million television viewers and several million more who turn up to see the parade live, your advertisement will have great visibility.  So contact us now!