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The New York Pod Cafe is one of the Proud Campaign Sponsors of the Amanda Angelica Moral Fundraiser on GoFundMe.Com.  We appeal to the public to pray for Amanda and her mother Virginia Moral. They are waging a battle against Amanda's epilepsy.  Amanda suffers from Status Epilepticus.  Amanda a college student has an almost 4.0grade point average.  She is a brilliant young lady, who does not let her illness get her down.  Her story is being followed by CNTV television.  Visit her funding page at http://www.gofundme.com/4swkec
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 Amanda Angelica Moral is a college student. She suffers from a condition called Status Epilepticus. She can get up to 100 seizures per day. We are racing against time to raise funding to get a special kind of surgery that can stop the seizures and save her life, as doctors have informed that her heart can stop unexpectedly and she can die. Part of the campaign is being promoted by the New York Podcasting Cafe program.  the fund needs 1,223 people to contribute $67 each for the funding goal to be met. Would you please contribute $67.00 to her fund at Http://www.gofundme.com/4swkec.

Please order the "Stand 4 Life for Amanda" Bracelet and order as many as you wish as a promise to remember to pray for her and that we meet the goal to fund her surgery! Thank you and God bless you!  A FREE music download of the song titled "NEVER THE SAME", will be sent to every contributor to the Stand for Amanda fund.
        If you are unable to contribute $67, please contribute whatever you can. It is alright.  Evey bit of support is appreciated.  Every contributor of $67 will receive one FREE surprise music download by an independent artist. For those who can only contribute a few dollars, we are selling the "Stand 4 Amanda 4 Life" Bracelet that a smiling Amanda was wearing before she went into the hospital (see photo on right) with her latest grand-mal seizures. The "Stand 4 life 4 Amanda" bracelets are just $3.95 each (postage included). Can you please order a bracelet or as many as you can and get your friends to order one or more? Nobody is asking for free money. 

       Everyone receives something for their support. Amanda and her mother are also homeless, her illness has devastated her family financially. They are living with friends from her church. Please pray for Amanda and that God would touch people's hearts. Thank you and God bless you! Please tag yourself to this page instead of just sharing it, so that the text is projected to your pages with the flyer http://bit.ly/1T9ov8a. Thank you from the heart! Please make your check or money order payable to Amanda's mothers name who is one of the fund's campaign coordinators at:

Ms. Virginia Moral
335 Sugar Creek Crossing
Fort Mill, SC 29715

The fund can also receive PayPal payments by email. Please email us your email and we will respond with a PayPal button for $67 dollars or $3.95 for the bracelet. Email: StandforAmanda@gmail.com. Or call the "Stand for Amanda” Hotline number (704) 268-9818 and leave your full name and telephone number in the box and we will return your call to take your name, address, email and number, plus your order by phone.
Click, print and share the flyer ad below with family, friends, neighbors and local businesses.  Please note flyer is being
 ORDER THE "STAND 4 LIFE 4 AMANDA" BRACELET FOR JUST $3.95 by clicking the PayPal Button below, or e-mailing, or calling in your order as follows:

To Order By Post Office Mail
Send your request in a note with total number of bracelets and exact payment for total order to: a check for the set amount of the order to
Ms. Virginia Moral
335 Sugar Creek Crossing
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Email to get a PayPal Payment Request by email at:  StandforAmanda@gmail.com

Call to order:   (704) 268-9818 (Orders processed by phone will be processed after a check or money order has been received).
Coral Red