Mary Dimino's Scared Skinny 
is Back - July 14 at the
Union Performing Arts Center!

​Comedian Mary Dimino paints a picture of what it was like to grow up "flabby, funny and afraid" in her Italian-American family. Dimino chronicles her colorful Queens childhood and her quest to lose 115 pounds in what she's dubbed her "one (hundred pound lighter) woman show." 

The act recalls frank and funny tales of "fat kids playing with Ouija boards" and being bigger than Santa in a holiday snapshot. 

"She shares her story of weight loss and maturation with riotously funny delivery" -The Wall Street Journal VIP 

$30 ticket includes, prime seating, backstage tour, talk back, and Q&A with star of the show Mary Dimino.  Visit the Union Performing Arts Center Page here or click Tickets below:

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Mary Dimino is back with her One Woman Play Scared Skinny
 July 14, 2017 at the Union Performing Arts Center, New Jersey

A Chat with TV Comedian Actress Mary Dimino Recorded December 2016

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