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​Kevin Davis
One in a Million On Broadway 
[A Faithbased Play]

Kevin Davis returns to NYPCRadio to discuss his latest update...His Broadway Play "One in A Million," on Broadway in New York City. 

 One in a Million is a play about a group of friends, who pool their cash to play LOTTO and win, but the win has devastating results, destroying their friendship, until a young girl teaches them the real meaning of friendship. The play has undergone various rewrites, although many felt it was perfect at its first run. Kevin also discusses, his interest in partnering with backers interested in supporting this production.

Kevin talks a bit about the JazzCatz band and their work. The program opens up with Kevin on Saxophone playing the song Roller Coaster and ends with two songs, Jesus I believe in you and Mary Did you know. Visit Kevin's Websites below.

One in a Million Website:

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