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Carmen Amoros interviews U.S. Marine Lt. Colonel David "Bull" Gurfein who is running for New York 4th Congressional District and highlights from Beth Gurfein, David's wife.

As candidate for New York's 4th Congressional District, David Gurfein's main focus is on National Defense and Safety, Economic Growth and Security, and Honest Leadership. As a U.S. Marine Gurfein was a leader who enlisted when he was just 17 years old. A Mustang who went from private to Lieutenant in 25 years, with combat, operations experience he was as Infantry Officer who earned the Bronze Star for his service in Afganistan, Iraq, First Gulf War, Panama, GITMO, Korea and Africa.

Gurfein graduated from Great Neck South High School an undefeated quarterback and artist. Gurfein studied at Syracuse University with a BS in Political Science and Special Commercial Graphic Design. He also attended Harvard, where he got an MBA and was Class Co-President. During his work as Congressional Liaison, Gurfein met with Democrats and Republican members of Congress and Staff and escorted them to Iraq, Afganistan and other countries to improve their knowledge of National Defense.

A background actor Gurfein has appeared in the movies.   In the movie "A Few Good Men," You might remember that iconic scene where Jack Nicholson was restrained while screaming "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth!" If you look closely, the marine who restrained Jack Nicholson from attacking Tom Cruise with great authenticity and great restraint in "A Few Good men", that marine was David "Bull" Gurfein.  David Gurfein also guarded Kevin Spacey in House of Cards.  

David is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other Social Networks. Support and donate his campaign at the Gurfein for America Website:​

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VISIT:  http://www.VISIT:  http://www.GurfeinforAmerica.Com